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The 3 steps to being a “lean’ startup

In the early stages of developing a startup, running capital is generally scarce,  and its pivotal that you as a founder, and your co-founder, start the process of conception, development and fund-raising in the leanest possible way. 

Without the ability to pay your salaries, and most likely bootstrapping your startup until you gain some momentum, choosing the right paths will ensure that you are able to sustain your startup in reaching the critical MVP goal, and positioning yourself to presenting your product to potential investors, without having to cease development. 

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Start-up tax breaks passes Australian Senate

The Australian senate this week has passed a pivotal tax-incentive as part of His Honorable Mr Pyne MP (@cypyne)'s 2016 budget announcement, which will benefit Australian startups, in place for the 2016-17 financial year. 

Over the next few months, I will be writing a lot of articles covering the National Innovation & Science Agenda (@ideasboomau)

The two-part  initiative will make investing in Aussie startups more attractive for corporations, further encouraging innovation, risk and giving the private sector growth a shot in the arm.

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