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How to Train a Core ML Model for an iOS App

The goal of machine learning is for a computer to do tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so—the ability to think or interpret autonomously. A high-profile contemporary use-case is autonomous driving: giving cars the ability to visually interpret their environment and drive unaided. 

Machine Learning is today leveraged by large companies to make better business decisions based on historical data, by using deep learning algorithms to identify patterns and correlations, which allow them to make better predictions of the future. For instance, you can resolve problems such as “How likely it is for a specific customer to purchase a specific product or service?” with greater confidence based on prior behavior. 

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How to Update Your App for iOS 11: Drag and Drop

iOS 11 has elevated iOS, in particular for the iPad, into a true multi-tasking platform, thanks to Drag and Drop. This promises to blur the boundaries between apps, allowing content to be shared easily. Taking advantage of multi-touching, iOS 11 enables content to be moved in a natural and intuitive manner, bringing Apple’s mobile devices closer to parity with the richness enjoyed by its desktop and laptop users.

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Updating Your App for iOS 11

In my latest installment for @tutsplus, I cover the changes that will be required in order to update your app for iOS 11, from architectural to visual changes as well as App Store publishing changes. Moreover, this tutorial will organize the sections starting from the required changes needed and the scope and effort required, to the nice but not necessary features that will enhance your app as a result of iOS 11. 

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