Third-Party Apps Apple should buy

This is more of a poll and engagement of the community than an article, but I thought I'd start by stating some of the third party Applications that have become part of one's iPhone core applications, that I think Apple should integrate natively on their phone as a system tool/utility. Please jump in and give us all your thoughts as well...

1. Bump
Until the iOS gets it's own NFC (Near Field Communication) just like Nexus S, why not make Bump part of the native system. Users can share their contacts, files, photos, music and other things. If it's native and everyone has it, what a nice ecosystem of sharing would that be.

2. Prowl
Prowl is a Growl plugin for Chrome, as well as an app on the iOS. When installed on the browser, it will allow one click sharing of the current page via URL to the phone, notified automatically. Similar once again to what is on the Android platform, allowing users to share things like Google Maps (on the droid it even automatically shows it as a navigational route). 

3. Sygic Maps
I think Apple should purchase Sygic Maps or some other mapping app and make it native and automatic on the phone, like the droid has with their Google Maps. Apple probably doesn't have the resources to make it's own, so purchasing an existing one will allow users to have a more powerful turn-by-turn system than the stock Maps app, and allow developers to make third-party calls to specific map locations for turn-by-turn navigation. 

OK, those are my three ideas, what other must-have third-party apps out there would be a great buy for Apple?
Doron KatziPhone