Yelp to stop sham 'Cash-for-Comments' by naming and shaming

Going on from my previous article, titled "How to we filter out ‘cash-for-comments’ and fake reviewers?", it looks like Yelp has decided to take the first step in this war of businesses creating fake business reviews, by starting to place alert messages on the profile pages of those businesses caught doing dodgy things, such as providing 'bogus reviews', along with screenshots of the evidence showing such behaviour. Whilst my article discusses the notion of how someone would be able to find out if a review is bogus, it seems like one of the tactics Yelp will use will be to see if the reviews come from the same i.p address, something I have deep reservations about, because most people who do reviews of a restaurant or cafe, or at least a large portion of, would be reviewing from the location, so they would have the same i.p address.



Doron KatzSocial Media, Yelp