Building a Shopping List Application With CloudKit: Sharing Shopping Items

In this series, you have worked with private databases, as well as learning about public databases. However, until WWDC 2016, when Apple introduced CKShare, there was no proper way for apps to share data. Private databases are only available to users who are logged in, whereas public databases are designed for public content and allow anyone to view records. When using some of Apple’s very own iCloud apps, however, such as Pages, Keynote or Notes, you may have noticed by selecting the share button, the ability to invite other users to access your data. 

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What's New for Devs in iOS 12 and Xcode 10?

Amidst all the fanfare of another WWDC, Apple introduced us to iOS 12. This is one of the most focused releases for both consumers and developers, emphasizing performance optimization. As well as this focus on performance and optimization, iOS also brings some feature iterations on many of the libraries we know and love. This includes the evolution of emojis (with memojis), Siri shortcuts, augmented reality and machine learning. 

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Getting Started With Cloud Firestore for iOS

Mobile coders have been taking advantage of Google’s Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platform Firebase Realtime Database for many years, helping them focus on building features for their apps without having to worry about the back-end infrastructure and database. By making it easy to store and persist data in the cloud and take care of authentication and security, Firebase allows coders to focus on the client side. 

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Building a Shopping List Application With CloudKit: Introduction

At WWDC 2014, Apple introduced CloudKit, a brand new framework that directly interacts with Apple's iCloud servers. The framework is comparable to a number of PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions, such as Firebase. Like Firebase, Apple provides a flexible API and a dashboard that offers developers a peek into the data stored on Apple's iCloud servers.

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Getting Started With Continuous Delivery With fastlane for iOS

In my latest article for @TutsPlusCode, you will learn all about Continuous Delivery for iOS with @fastlanetools. The fastlane suite of tools makes distributing apps much easier, allowing developers to focus on their apps and let the tooling take on tasks like managing provisioning profiles and certificates and building, packaging and distributing apps.

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My review of the luxurious leather case for the MacBook, by Woolnut

n this article, I talk about the  Woolnut cover (@woolnutCovers) for my laptop, that has brought a new sense of elegance and protection, whilst saving me from having to fork out twice as much for a lesser sleeve. A few months ago, I was in the hunt for a luxurious leather sleeve to protect my 12-inch 2017 MacBook protection case or sleeve, something that will give my laptop the same level of protection whilst instilling a sense of leather elegance that matches my iPad Pro and iPhone X.

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Conversation Design User Experiences for SiriKit and iOS

with the emergence of the Apple Watch a few years ago, alongside CarKit, and more recently the HomePod this year, we are starting to see a lot more apps and IoT appliances that use voice commands instead of visual interfaces. The prevalence of IoT devices such as the HomePod and other voice assistants, as well as the explosion in voice-assistant enabled third-party apps, has given rise to a whole new category of user experience design methodologies, focusing on Voice User Experiences (VUX), or Conversational Design UX.

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