Continuous Delivery for Mobile with Fastlane

Mobile products need a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline so your development team can focus on building features, and less time figuring out how to release faster. Fastlane is a command line tool used for automation on iOS and Android.

This book starts of with a brief introduction of Fastlane and the tools and services provided by it. This book is written for developers who want to harness the power of open-source utilities in their development workflows, to be able to automate beta deployments and releases as part of their Continuous Deployment (CD) strategies. This book will cover all the features and utilities, backed by examples and walkthrough to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of Fastlane, and to demonstrate how to properly implement it. By the end of the book you would have gain substantial knowledge on delivering bug free, developer independent, and stable application release cycle enabling a smooth and fast development experience.