Review of the Peel case for the iPhone 7 Plus

I've been a huge fan of Peel, a minimalist sueve case for the iPhone, and have been using it for over a year, first with my iPhone 6s Plus, and now with my iPhone 7 Plus. While I've never  been one of those to have a need to have a really light naked case, and usually opt for the practical and thicker iPhone cases, this one case has really got me hooked. 

With the durability of the iPhones improving over the years, having an iPhone case that would give it some protection (and granted if you drop it face down on the edge of a step it will break), with Peel you get both comfortable, elegance and some sense of security of protection. 

The feel of it is amazing, its really so snug that people don't even realize you have a case on. I've been at Apple and they didn't even notice I had a case on. 

What if there was a middle ground? A case that protected from bumps, scratches, and light drops, but didn’t ruin the device’s aesthetic. That was the basis for starting Peel.

It doesn't have any logos to detract from its minimalist design, with a protruded tip to protect the camera lens on the back of the phone, you get a case which is superb. It comes in various colors, and for both the iPhone 7 and Plus variants, for a decent price of $24.95.  

You can go ahead and buy it from their store  and enjoy.