Review of @PodPocket: A Pocket for your AirPods

If you are anything like me, having spent a fair amount of cash to order the Apple AirPods, the last thing you would want is to misplace or even lose your AirPods. Alongside the amazing feeling of having to liberate yourself of Apple’s classic wired earphones, the main thing critics have pointed with Apple’s new AirPods is that they are susceptible to being lost, a fear that isn’t lost on me.

Seeking to find ways to protect my little investment, I came across PodPocket, a nifty case-with-keyring for your AirPods. That way, I can securely keep my AirPods coupled up with my car and house keys, in an aesthetically pleasing case that snuggly fits my AirPods. In this article, I review the PodPocket for a week, and see how it fares during my every-day adventures.

The First Week

Spending a week with the PodPocket, I can honestly say it was as expected, the same feeling I had from day one to day seven. The silicon case with keychain, fitted my AirPod case snuggly, without the fear of it falling out which is the point of tying your keychain to your AirPods. It fit really immaculately, it did not hinder access to the top latch to access the pods, and does not interfere with the charging port.

Tied to my car keys, it comes wherever I go, giving me access to it anytime I want, in my left-pocket jeans rather than having it tucked away in an office drawer or my laptop bag. Built from what seems to be extremely durable material, a week later it doesn’t show any signs of wear and looks as new as the first day I got it.

The best part, having it phyisically paired with my keys means I won’t loose my keys. That is, the last update to iOS extends the FindMyPhone to include searching for your AirPods, so if you left your keys somewhere in the house you can search for it along with the AirPods.

The PodPocket comes in the original Blazing Red (the one I have), Indigo Blue and Cocoa Gray colors, as well as the limited edition Technicolor and Came colors, and by the end of the year, Pear Green, Ash Pink and Aqua Blue will be coming.

A bit about PodPocket

They have had amazing success on Amazon selling over 30k units globally, and in deed are the highest rated AirPod case on Amazon. The PodPockets cost $19.95, a bargain considering the cost of replacing lost or scratched AirPod cases.

The Verdict

I was completely sold from day one when I received my red PodPocket, and after a week, ordered another one, Cocoa Gray for my wife. I was one of the first to get the AirPods the day it came out, and being as careful about my devices I had to ensure I had a case to protect it. Doubling up as more than a case, but daisy-chain to my my keys, I also won’t lose my AirPods, at a price im comfortable with, $19.95, I certainly was not disappointed.

I haven’t found anything online that would make me look at another case or coupling solution for my AirPods, so this pretty much goes unchallenged in the marketplace.


Doron KatzApple, AirPods