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Rise of the PhD APIs

APIs are no longer just a development tool. Now, they are becoming an integral part of many organizations' business models. Read this technical overview to:

  • Discover the benefits of outsourcing complex tasks to APIs
  • Learn about the changes driving the new API economy
  • Get a high-level run down of AlchemyAPI's services

COntinuous Delivery for Mobile with Fastlane


Mobile products need a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline so your development team can focus on building features, and less time figuring out how to release faster. Fastlane is a command line tool used for automation on iOS and Android.

Technical Writing


mobile Apps


Blend is an iOS App I worked on with other developers, in San Francisco in 2014. I provided my development and architecting expertise, over four months.

Blend is the nomination app — share content according to what is Trending and then nominate your friends to 1-up you.
Every 3 days a new Trend appears and it’s your turn to begin the chain of nominations.